Thursday, 19 December 2013

Pediatrics Points

• Part of brain most sensitive to hypoxia: CA1 neurons (Sommer’s sector)of hippocampus
• Part of brain most resistant to hypoxia: brainstem
• MC cause of death in klinefelters syndrome: infection>CVS disease.
• A pt with ASD and having left axis deviation and murmur similar to MR, best ans is Ostium primum ASD> Floppy mitral valve.
• 1st to give in severe malnutrition: Dextrose; NEVER albumin
• MCC of HUS in world: E.coli, India it is Shigella.
• MCC of NS in children: Minimal change disease>FSGS
• MCC of NS in adults: FSGS>Membranous Gn
• Glucose added to stored blood to : Provide nutrition to RBCs 
• MCC of immune hydrops: Rh incompatibility
• MCC of non-immune hydrops is: CVS anomalies as a group(40%), Single MCC is Alpha thallsemia
• Overall Non immune hyrops> Immune hydrops
• Platelets lose functionality within: 24 hrs
• Normal nasal PD is -20 mV; range is -10 to -30mV
• MCC of U5MR is Pneumonias> Diarrheas
• A child with hemophilus meningitis has strain which is beta-lactamase producing, DOC is: 3rd gen cephalosporin. Ref: Nelson, Oxford textbook
• a 3yr old male child has features of gripping abdominal pain severe vomiting, bloody diarrhoea and fever the diag is :iron poisoning >lead poisoning
• MCC of infant diarrhea is: ETEC>EPEC if asked about India(For children it is EPEC>ETEC and also if word india not mentioned)
• Growth charts used by anganwadi workers is based on : MGRS standards
• Rate limiting step in Glycolysis is: PFK
• MC hemat malignancy in Down syndrome is AML>ALL
• MCC of UGI bleeding in children is : Esophageal varices
• MC Association of Asplenia is with: Ivemark’s Syndrome(Visceral heterotaxy with bilateral right- handedness)
• Previous baby with CAH, this pregnancy: start DEXAMETHASONE as soon as preg is confirmed. If male, stop Rx. If female, continue Rx
• MC inherited malignancy in children is : Retinoblastoma
• TNF-alpha pathway is chief pathway involved in : Behcet disease> Lepra reactions
• FQs are the most commonly misused antibiotics
• FQs are NOT given as primary managemt of meningitis
• Best strategy recommended to prevent yellow fever is : Vaccine> vector control
• MC species of malaria in India is: Pl.
falciparum> vivax, since 2010 (Specifically, Falci: vivax ratio was 0.68 in 1995, now it is 1.011 since 2010… Ref ICMR as well as AIIMS data)
• The most dreaded complication of Meconium aspiration is : PPHN
• Age< 1 yr is GOOD prognosis for NB, nut BAD prognosis for ALL, Medulloblastoma, Juvenile CML and Histiocytosis X
• Most imp factor for ROP development is : Prematurity> Low BW>O2 exposure.
• Oral steroids ARE recommended in acute asthma; its only in acute severe asthma(K/A
status asthmaticus) that parenteral steroids are recommended. Ref: BMJ 2009, GINA 2010 guidelines
• Alport syndrome is XLD>XLR>AR
• Prophylactic CPAP in asymptomatic neonates is NOT RECOMMENDED
• In hypothyroidism, both precocious and delayed puberty seen; however, Delayed> Precocious
• MCC of HTN in neonates is : Coarctation of aorta(Renal causes not common in neonates)
• Worsening of cyanosis on prostaglandin infusion, most likely diagnosis is : Obstructive TAPVC
• Accumulation of Glycosaminoglycans(GAGs) within WBCs produce: Alder-Reilly bodies, whereas
accumulation in neurons produce: Zebra bodies

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