Monday, 2 December 2013


Paediatrics high yield from dnb nd various state exams
increase in length of child in first year=25 cms
sitting height= upper segment height
vocabulary of 1.5 yr child=10-20 words
3 yr old child=200-300 words
changes in height of child----
A.birth--50 cm.
B.1 year--75cm
C.2 year--90 cm
D.4.5 years--100 cm.
E. After dat grows at 5 cm. Per year
handedness develops at 3 years
birth weight doubles at 5 months nd triples at 1 year of age
taste perception present at birth
crown rump length at birth=35 cms
cornea attains adult size cornea by 2 years
filtration capacity of kidney reaches dat of an adult by 1 yr of age
energy requirement of an infant=110-120 kg
energy requirement of 5 year old child=1500 calories
retts syndrome is due to deficiency of biotin
99% of infants void with in 24 hours
fetal hb. Replaced by adult hb. By 6 months

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