Monday, 30 December 2013

One liners

Bucharts classificatin for ? Mesothelioma
Figure of 8 brain is seen in?Lissencephaly
Figure of 8 sign in orthopedics: Acetabular Retroversion
Figure of 8 splint? Clavicular fracture
Empty delta sign is seen in? Superior sagital sinus thrombosis
In sheehans syndrome: Empty sella sign
Goldenhar syndrome: Oculo auriculo vertebral dysplasia
Swimmer's shoulder aka Impingement syndrome
Pointing index can be seen in supracondylar
Adenosine used topically for woundhealing deficiencies, n in diabetics
Golden hair - arsenic poisoning
Straddle fracture: B/L # of superior and inferior pubic rami. Ass with bulbous urethral and extraperitoneal rupture of bladder
 Crescent: # of iliac wing with sacroiliac disruption
Chopart #? # dislocation thru intertarsal joint
 Wilson osteotomy? Congenital coxa vara
Wilson approach? Juvenile angiofibroma
 Bumper #: Depressed communited # of lateral condyle of tibia
Coleman sign: Seen in # Mandible, hematoma in the floor of mouth if # of body occurs

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