Monday, 9 December 2013

One liners

Drugs of choice in Psychiatric disorders
Body dysmorphic disorder - Fluoxetine
Obsessive Compulsive disorder - Fluoxetine/Clomipramine
Depression with cardiac disease - Fluoxetine, Mianserine.
Trichotillomania - Fluoxetine
Nocturnal enuresis - Imipramine
Panic disorder- Imipramine
Panic attack/disorder -Imipramine
Suicidal depression - ElectroConvulsive Therapy (ECT)
Catatonic Schizophrenia -ElectroConvulsive Therapy (ECT)
Manic depressive psychosis (Bipolar disorder) - Lithium carbonate
Pregnancy with Bipolar disorder -Carbamazepine
Rapid cycling Bipolar disorder - Sodium valproate
Gilles de la tourette syndrome -Haloperidol
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - Methylphenidate
Narcolepsy - Methylphenidate(amphetamine)
Monosymptomatic hypochondriacal psychosis - pimozide.
Somatization disorder - amitriggtilline
Depression with acid peptic disease - doxepin
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) - Benzodiazepines, Buspirone
Borderline Personality Disorder - Antidepressants, Fluoxetine
Phobias - MAO inhibitors,Paroxetine
Delusional disorder - Antipsychotics

apo a ,apoc 2, apo e r associated wid hdl
Chylomicrons- carry exogenous tg
Vldl- cary endogenous tg .Both carried to Pheripheral tissue
Reverse cholesterol transport  by- HDL

Absence of apo c2....leads to familial alpha lipoprotein deficiency which include
Tangier disease
Fish eye disease

Fatty acid synthesis = cytoplam
Fatty acid oxidation = mitochondria

Cyto + mito
Urea cycle
Heme synthesis

deficiency of biotin - leiners disease
B7- Carboxylation
B6 - decarboxylation

🍄Marker of microsomes = glucose 6 phosphatase

In competitive inhibtion = km increased...k = kompetition
Allosteric inhibition
🐉Inhibitor binds to enzyme at a site other than active(allosteric site)
🐉Sigmoid kinectics
🐉doesn’t follow michaelis menten hyperbolic kinectics
♻Oxidation - loss of electron
♻Redution - gain of electron
🚨strongest bond - covalent bond
🚨weakest - vander wall forces
Adenylyl cyclase inhibited by
🚩Acetyl choline
🚩Angiotensin 2
🚩Alfa 2 adrenergics
keshan disease - endemic cardiomyopathy in china
Cu deficiency = neutropenia
🐣Chromium - increase hdl decrease ldl
Molybdenum deficiency = mouth and esophageal cancer
Most dangerous hypervitaminosis = vit d
Wound healing = vit c
Anticarcinogenic= vit a
Cancer preventing = selenium
most essential fa = linoleic = safflower oill
Liver only =ketone = all bodies r water soluble except = acetone
largest amount of prostaglandins = seminal fluid
 fatty acids cannot used by brain, rbc, adrenal medulla
refsum disease = defect in oxidation of fa = accumulation of phytanic acid
hormones secreted by adipose tissue = leptin, adiponectin , perilipin

Polyketide toxin is procuced by mycobacterium ulcerans
🍏Green hair discolouration = copper poisoining
🍏Green colour urine =  carbolic acid
🍏Green colour nail = pseudomonas
PCT necrosis by
phossy jaw = chronic phosphorus poisoining = osteomyelitis
Xanthoprotein reaction = nitric oxide
cantharides = cause priapism
sea snakes = myotoxic
aborticide cause partial deafness + cardiac poison = quinine
ideal homicidal poison = aconite
survious of hcn poisoining = pakinsonism

extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy (mainly used for renal and proximal ureteral stones <2 cm),
percutaneous lithotripsy (mainly used for renal stones >2 cm),and
ureteroscopy (used in treatment of renal and ureteral stones).

Strychnine = heart, spinal cord, brain
Fat = insecticides and pesticides
Bile = Cocaine , narcotics
Brain = anesthetics , opc ,co
Csf = alcohol

Mc site of few ulcers
Marjolins ulcer:: burn scar
Mooren ulcer:: cornea
Meleney ulcer:: trunk (abdomen)
Martorell ulcer:: lower limb
Searls ulcer/ bairnsdale ulcer:: extremities
Jacob ulcer:: lower eye lid
Cushing ulcer:: lower part of esophagus + stomach+ D1
Curling ulcer:: D1 ( 1st part of duodenum)
🚨PCR = amplification of gene
🚨FISH = localisation of gene
 Hunters tongue-pernicious anemia.
 Hunters canal-adductor canal.
 Hunters syndrome-polysaccharidosis.

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