Sunday, 29 December 2013

Nerve palsies

Erb’s palsy
-Policeman tip deformity .(Porter's tip deformity)

Nerve of bell (Long thoracic nerve) palsy -Winging of scapula

Median Nerve Palsy (Labours nerve)
-Pointing index
-Bendiction test
-Pen test (tests abductor pollicis brevis)
-Oschner clasp test
-Opposition of thumb lost
-Ape thumb deformity

Ulnar nerve palsy (Musician nerve)
-Book test (froment sign),
-Card test (PAD) — Palmar interossei
-lgawa’s test (DAB) — Dorsal interossei

Radial nerve palsy
-Wrist drop,
(Finger drop and Thumb drop Specifically in posterior interosseous
nerve (PIN) injury)

Common peroneal nerve palsy (Lateral popliteal nerve palsy) or sciatic nerve palsy
-Foot drop(complete)

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