Thursday, 12 December 2013

Nerve palsies

Nerve Palsy 


Erb’s palsy
Policeman tip deformity (Porter's tip deformity)
Nerve of bell (Long thoracic nerve) palsy Winging of scapula

Median Nerve Palsy (Labours nerve) Pointing index
Bendiction test
Pen test (tests abductor pollicis brevis)
Oschner clasp test
Opposition of thumb lost
Ape thumb deformity

Ulnar nerve palsy (Musician nerve) Book test (froment sign),
Card test (PAD) — Palmar interossei
lgawa’s test (DAB) — Dorsal interossei

Radial nerve palsy Wrist drop, (Finger drop and Thumb drop Specifically in posterior interosseous nerve (PIN) injury)
Common peroneal nerve palsy (Lateral popliteal nerve palsy) or sciatic nerve palsy
Foot drop(complete)

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