Monday, 2 December 2013


Vibrio cholera features. .
Comma shaped
Darting motility
Swarm f gnats motility
Watery diarrhoea
Shooting star
Fish in Stream
String test. . Cholera red reaction
Transport media..
Cairy Blair
Alkaline BSA
Monsurs GTTA
Tcbs most selective
Indole and niyrate reduction test +
Infective dose.. 10 to d power 5 to 8
Heamophilus influenza typical points. . ??
Peiffers bacillus..
Best growth in fildes agar
Need factor V n X
Choclate agar
Most imp  virulence factor. . Capsule
Has PRP capsule
Pseudomonas typical features ??
Fruity odor
Gun metal colony
Strict aerobe
Cetrimide-- selective media
Mc info. In burns
N pyoverdin..
Toxin mechanism f action ?
ADP ribosylation...
Nd pyorubin also
Causes shanghai fever
Nosocomial UTI
Ventilator ass pneumonia
With CF
Swimmer's ear
Malig otitis externa
Hammered metal appearance seen in which bacteria????
Other features of yersinia
Stalactite growth pattern
Safety pin appearance
Wayson staining
Mc plague is bubonic plague
Most infectious is pneumonic plague
Treatment is streptomycin
Doc fr prophylaxis is tetracyclines
Most fatal is pneumonic plague
Kellys medium for???
Answer is borellia
Borellia vincenti is aerobic,,rest are anaerobic
Vincent angina by b. Vincentii
Typical rash ?
Erythema migrans???'
Incubation period=3-30 days
Arthritis in stage3
Lymes disease caused by borellia burgdorferi
Relapsing fever by borrelia recurrentis

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