Sunday, 29 December 2013

Lung Sounds: Differential Diagnosis

-Simulated by rolling hair near ear between two fingers.
-Best heard on inspiration in lower bases.
-Unrelieved by coughing.
-Associated with bronchitis, CHE and pneumonia.

-High—pitched, squeaky sound.
-Best heard on expiration over all lung fields.
-Unrelieved by coughing.
-Associated with asthma, bronchitis, CHF, and emphysema.

-Coarse, harsh, loud gurgling.
-Best heard on expiration over bronchi and trachea.
-Often relieved by coughing.
-Associated with bronchitis and pneumonia.

-Harsh, high—pitched, audible sound.
-Easily heard without stethoscope during inspiration and expiration.

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