Monday, 2 December 2013


Quick revision of some important ducts :
Bellini’s duct - Straight collecting tubules of the kidney.
Bartholin’s duct - the major duct of the sublingual gland.
Cystic duct - excretory duct of gall bladder.
Gartner’s duct - a remnant of Wolffian duct.
Mullerian duct - bilateral ducts in the embryo that form the uterus,
vagina and fallopian tubes.
Wirsung’s duct - pancreatic duct.
Santorini’s duct - accessory pancreatic duct.
Wharton’s duct - duct of submandibular gland.
Vitelline duct - the narrow duct in the embryo that connects the yolk
sac with the intestine.
Ducts of Rivinus - 5 to 15 ducts that drain the posterior portion of the
sublingual gland.
Stensen’s duct - parotid duct.
Pecquet’s duct - Thoracic duct.
Hensen’s duct - ductus reunions.
Hoffman’s duct - pancreatic duct or Wirsung’s duct.
Bernard’s duct - Accessory pancreatic duct or Santorini’s duct.

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