Monday, 2 December 2013

Diabetes in kidney

Diabetic kidney  effectz
 glomerulus
( nephrotic or non nephrotic range prtnuria or crf)
 tubules effected
 papillary necrosis  n pyelonephritis as arteries r hyalinised

Earliest symptm microalbumnuria (30 300mg per 24 hr)
 earliest change even before PROTENURIA occurs
Cap basmnt memb thickneng
 mc change
Diffuse mesangialsclerosis
 m characteristic
Nodular glomerularclerosis
 kimelsteil wilson are intecapillary glomerulosclersis
Ovoid or spherical
PAS postivs
Nodules of matrix
At perphery of glomerulus
 hyaline material in capillary loops
Fibrin caps
Capsular drops
 hyalinizatin of arterioles
 adaptationz
Gbm thickng
Glomerular hypertrophy
Increase gfr
Intial stages of diabetes
 uncontrolled diabetes
More glycosuria lead to
Glycogen accumlation in proxmal tubular cell
 in CRF cases broad waxy casts r seen

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