Monday, 2 December 2013


What dermatome covers the clavicles?- C5
What dermatomes cover the lateral sides of the upper limbs?- C5
- C6
What dermatomes cover the medial sides of the upper limbs?- C8
- T1
What dermatome covers the thumb?- C6
Which dermatomes cover the hand?- C6
- C7
- C8
Which dermatome covers the ring and little fingers?- C8
Which dermatome supplies the index and middle fingers?- C7
What dermatome is at the level of the nipples?- T4
What dermatome is at the level of the umbilicus?- T10
What dermatome supplies the inguinal or groin regions?- L1
Which dermatomes supply the anterior and medial surfaces of the lower limbs?- L1
- L2
- L3
- L4
What dermatomes provide sensation for the foot?- L4
- L5
- S1
Which dermatome provides sensation for the medial side of the great toe?- L4
Which dermatomes supply the lateral and posterior surfaces of the lower limb?- L5
- S1
- S2
What dermatome covers the lateral margin of the foot and the little toe?- S1
Which dermatomes supply the perineum?- S2
- S3
- S4

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