Monday, 23 December 2013


Beau's lines (Palpable horizontal deep grooves & ridges on nail)- Trauma, coronary occlusion, infection, Malnutrition, chemotherapy, psoriasis, diabetes, KAWASAKI DISEASE(after a few months of onset)
Muehrcke's nails (Hypopigmented lines on nail. Neither any groove nor any ridge is palpable.)- Chemotherapy, Nephrotic syndrome.

Axillary freckles-NF type 1
Café au lait spots- NF type 1
Lisch nodules(Iris)-NF type 1
Buttonhole invagination- NF type 1
Dennie-Morgan fold- Atopic dermatitis
Koebner phenomenon- Psoriasis, Lichen planus, Vitiligo, Pityriasis rubra pilaris
Wickham's striae- Lichen planus
Pterygium of nail- Lichen planus
(Cicatrical alopecia, Koebner phenomenon;
Bucca mucosa involvement)
Pin prick itching- Pityriasis versicolor
Sun fungus- Pityriasis Versicolor
Nickolsky's sign- Toxic epidermal necrolysis & Pemphigus vulgaris Row of
Tombstone appearance- Pemphigus vulgaris
Acantholysis- Pemphigus vulgaris
( Pemphigus-Intraepidermal blisters, Buccal mucosa involved.
Pemphigoid-- Subepidermal blisters, Mucosa not involved)

Target lesion- Erythema multiforme  Bull's eye- Erythema multiforme
Iris lesion- Erythema multiforme
Diascopy (vitropression) distinguish between erythma &papule    seen in
Papules in sarcoidosis , tuberculosis (apple jelly nodules )  other granulomas
Darrier's sign -urticeria pigmentosa (cutanous mastocytosis )
Grattage sign psoroasis
Auspitz's sign - psoriasis
Candle grease sign- Psoriasis
Burkley's membrane- Psoriasis
Warnoff ring- Psoriasis
Micro-munro abscess- Psoriasis
Silvery scales- Psoriasis
Onycholysis- Psoriasis
Herald patch- Pityriasis rosea
Christmas tree pattern- Pityriasis rosea

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