Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas tree appearances in medicine

[1] Christmas tree pattern = A descriptive term for the multiplanar appearance of a high resolution 3-D MR Fourier transform reconstruction of the normal human endolympatic duct and system.
[2] Christmas disease = Hemophilia B.
[3] Pityriasis rosea= Christmas tree rash.
[4] Neurogenic bladder = The appearances has been described as a "Christmas tree" of pine cone bladder.
[5] Leak from paraspinal spaces into systemic circulation = Christmas Tree Sign.
[6] Christmas tree cataract = Nearly 100% of patients with myotonic dystrophy have a cataract. It is an opacity that radiates from the center of the lens like Christmas tree branches. It may impair vision.
[7] Peut zeghers polyp = "Christmas tree" appearance at low power under microscope.
[8] The transciptionally active DNA has a "Christmas tree-like appearance" on electron microscopic pictures.

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