Sunday, 22 December 2013



  • Halothane:0.01%thymol
  • Ketamine:Benzethonium chloride
  • Thiopentone:Anhydrous sodium carbonate(6%)&nitrogen gas
  • Ether:Propyl galate/ hydroquinone/ diphenylamine

  1. Post-op shivering: pethidine, pentazocine
  2. inhalational anaesthetic that boils at room temp:desflurane
  3. inhalational anaesthetic that causes coronary steal:isoflurane
  4. anaesthesia of choice in hemorrhagic shock:cyclopropane
  5. associated with post anaesthetic chills:halothane
  6. agent of choice for cerebral protection:thiopentone
  7. abnormal spike discharges in epileptic pts:methohexitone
  8. thalamoneocortical junction is the primary site of action for:ketamine
  9. steroid anaesthetic:althesin, minaxolone
  10. anti-analgesic anaesthetic agent:thiopentone

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