Friday, 27 December 2013

Anesthesia Facts

Dioscorides-used the term anaesthesia
Oliver wendell holmes-1846 termed anesthesiology
William.T.G.Morton-demonstrated general anaesthetic effects of ether(oct 16 1846 world ether day)
Carl koller- 1884 introduced cocaine as ophthalmic anaesthetic
Niemann-1860 introduced cocaine as local anaesthetic
Joseph priestley- produced nitrous oxide 1772
Horace walls-1844 demonstrated use of nitrous oxide in tooth extraction
Robert liston-dec21 1846 performed first surgery under ether anaesthesia
August bier-1898 first spinal anaesthesia
Simpson-first to use chloroform
John lundy-1934 first to use i.v. anaesthetic thiopentone
Ferdinand cathelin-1901-caudal epidural anaesthesia
Fidel pages-1921-lumbar epidural anaesthesia
Alexander wood-1855-invented needle & syringe
Harold griffith-1942 used curare
Lofgren-1943 introduced lignocaine
John lundy & Ralph waters- coined balanced anaesthesia
Domino&corsen-first used ketamine
Bovet-synthesised succinylcholine
Edmund gaske boyle-1917 boyle's machine
Ivan magill-first endo tracheal intubation
Stanlers rowbothon-first nasal intubation

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