Tuesday, 31 December 2013


1. Incudo malleal joint is an examle of? A saddle joint
2. Stem cell in hair follicles? Bulge
3. Largest branch of vertebral artery?  Post inf cerebellar
4. Labrynthine artery is a branch of? Basilar Artery
5. Damage to nervous tissue is repaired by? Neuroglia
6. Corpus Striatum consists of? Caudate nucleus + lenticular nucleus
7. Charcots artery is a branch ? Middle cerebral artery
8. Tonsils are derived from? 2nd branchial pouch
9. Foramen spinosum transmits?  Middle meningial artery, mandibular nerve
10. Common carotid artery usually bifurcates at? C4

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