Sunday, 15 December 2013


Boxer's muscle - serratus anterior
Muscle of marriage - medial rectus
Muscle of divorce - lateral rectus
Muscle of honeymoon - sartorius
Swimming muscle - pronator quadratus
Climbing muscle- latissimus dorsi
Muscle of rape/anti rape - gracillis
Tailor muscle - sartorius
Red muscle - postural muscle
White muscle- extra occular muscle
Spurt muscle - biceps
Shunt muscle - brachioradialis
Composite muscle
Bp bad for fun
B-biceps femoris
A-add mag
For-flex pollicis brevis
Fun-flex digit prof
Structur in hilum
Both sides ant to post 
Vein Art bronchus
On left up to down
Sup l bronch
Prim bron
On ryt

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