Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Anatomy Mnemonics

Contents of broad ligament is : BROAD
B – Bundle (ovarian neurovascular bundle)
R – Round ligament
O – Ovarian ligament
A – Artefacts (vestigial structures)
D – Duct (oviduct)

Mnemonic for tributaries of External jugular vein is : PAST
PAST stands for :
P – Posterior external jugular vein
A – Anterior jugular vein
S – Suprascapular vein
T – Transverse cervical vein

Ductus arteriosus - ligamentum arteriosus
Ductus venosus - ligamentum venosus
Urachus (allantois)  - mediaN umbilical ligament
Left umbilical vein - ligamentum teres of liver
Right umbilical vein  - disappear
Vitello intestinal duct - meckel diverticulum
UmbilicaL arteries - mediaL umbilical ligament .
Wolfian duct in female - gartner duct
Wolfian tubule in female - paraoophoron n eoophoron
Left anterior cardinal vein - oblique vein of marshall.

Mnemonic for Structures passing through foramen ovale of skull is : OVALE
OVALE stands for:
O – Otic ganglion (Does not pass through it, but lies inferior to it)
V – V3 cranial nerve
A – Accessory meningeal artery
L – Lesser petrosal nerve
E – Emissary vein

Mnemonic for the nerves supplying the scalp is: GLASS
GLASS stands for:
G – Greater occipital/ Greater auricular
L – Lesser occipital
A – Auriculotemporal
S – Supratrochlear
S – Supraorbital

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