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Vit. A prophylaxis program --ministry of health and family
Prophylaxis against nut.anrmia--mohfw
Iodine deficiency disorder Ctrl program.-mohfw
Special nutrition prog--ministry of social welfare,mosw
Balwadis nutrition prog--mosw
Mid meal programme--ministry f education
Mid meal scheme--ministry f HRD
A.water born dises--
diarrhoea,cholera,typhoid,dysentery,polio,hepatitis A and e
B.water based disease--snails--schistosomiasi,cyclops--
C.water related vector di--malaria,filaria,he,sleep in sickness
D. water source/washed di-
trachoma,scabies,conjuntuvitis,bacillary and amoebic dysentry,skin
sepsis,lice,salmonellosis,worm infestation

��Hardness of Water
--soap destroying power of water
A.temporary h.--d/t bicarbonates of Ca and Mg
B. permanent h.--d/t sulphate,chloride,nitrate of Ca and Mg

��Hardness of Water
Classification of hard water ( as mg/l of caco3)__
Soft--0-50 mg/ l (<1 meq/l)
Mod hard--51-150(1-3)
��Very hard-->300(>6)

A.sewage--wasts water + excreta
B.sullage--waste water not contaminated with excreta e.g
kitchen,bathroom waste
C.scum--after prim sedimntn f sewage ,organic matter settle
down as sludge and fatty layer float know as scum
D.dry weather flow--avg amount f sewage which flows through sewerage system in 24 hr

A.anemometer-fr low air velocity
B.kata thermometer-cooling power f air
C.assman sling psychrometer--humidity f air
D.Symons rain gauze--measurs ppt. f rain,snow,hail,dew,frost
E.dial thermometer-cold chain temp monitoring
F.salter scale--measure b. at
G.Winchester quart bottle--asses physical and chemical quality f
drinking water
H.chloroscope--measur residual cl in water
I.colorimeter--determine colour f water
J.chloronome--mixing cl in water

����Family cycle
��A.formation--marriage to birth f 1 st child
��B.extension--birth f 1 st child to birth f last child
��C.complete extension--birt f last child to 1 st child leave home
��D.contraction--1 st child leave home to last child left home
��E.completed contraction-last child left home to 1 st spouse dies
��F.dissolution--1 st spouse dies to death f survivor
Comfort Zones
��A.pleasant and cool--20
B.comfortable and cool --20-25
 and uncomfortable--27-28
E.extremely hot--28+
��F.intolerable hot--30+

����Overcrowding and Accepted standards
��FLOOR SPACE--accepted standards r--
>=110 sq ft.--2 persons
90-100 sq ft--1 and 1/2 person
70-90 sq ft--1 person
50-70 sq ft--1/2 person
<50 sq ft--nil
---baby < 12 month is not counted.children b/w 1-10 yr as half

����Persons per room--accepted standards r--
1 room--2 persons
2 room--3 persons
3 rooms--5 persons
>5 rooms--10 persons( addnl 2 fr each further room)

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