Saturday, 2 November 2013

Seminal stains 

Physical examination-
UV light- bluish white colour
Chemical examination -
Florence test-choline -dark brown crystals
Barberio test-spermine-yellow needle shaped rhombic crystals
acid phosphatase test-quantitative test-inhibition by l- tartaric acid non specific but valuable screening test
 Creatinine phosphokinase test- >400U/ml diagnostic-can be detected in old stains till 6 mnths
choline and spermine test-thin layer chromatography technique
Ammonium molybdate test -deep yellow colour due to presence of  phosphorus
MHS -5-seminal vesicle
Mab4 E6 of sperm cells detected by immunological method
Prostate specific antigen replaced acid phosphatase for quantitative analysis
FISH. Most sensitive and specific for detection of male epithelial cells in vagina upto 1 wk
Microscopic examination-Y chr fluorescent to Quinacrine
Electrophoretic -
Acid phosphatase isoenzyme test
LDH isoenzyme test

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