Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Corrected version
Rule of2 ??
2% of populatn
2 inch
2percent sympto
2 types of ectopic tissue gastric n pancreatic
Mc age of presentation 2yrs
Males 2times more affected
Rule of 10 ??phaeoochromocytoma
10 percent r malignant
10% b/l
10% metastatic
10 r xtra adrenal
10 % multiple
Wats rule of 2 fr polio???
Slide examine 2 in 2 consecutive days..send to lab in nxt 2 days, result in 2 wks, follow up nxt 2 mnth..
Rule of halves???
Rule of 10 fr repair of cleft lip
Wt>10 pounds
Age>10 weeks fr repair
Rule of 9? Burn
Rule of 3????
3 for trauma

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