Saturday, 2 November 2013


1.pallesthesia- detection of vibration
2.stereognosis- revognition of shape
3. Topognosis- recognition of texture of surfaces
4. Graphesthesia- sensation of writing on skin
5. Agnosia- inability to recognize object, person etx even though sensory modality is intact
6.apraxia- inability to carry out learned purposeful movement
7.ageusia- loss of taste sensation
8. Anosmia- loss of smell sensation
9.aphasia- disturbance of comprehension n language formation
10.dyscalculia- loss of ability to carry out mathematical calculations
11. Ataxia- loss of voluntary coordination of muscle movement
12. Asterognosia- inability to recognize obnect by feeling them
13.hemineglect- u/l inattention of body/part
14.anosognosia- denial or unawareness of neurolohical deficit
15.dysgraphia- deficit in ability to write inspiten of ability to read
16.hyperalgssia- exaggerated response to noxious/painful stimuli
17.allodynia- pain sensation in absence of noxious stimuli
18.allogenic- pain producing
19.nocipective- pain producing
20.nocistatin- analgesia producing

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