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Inferior vagina nerve suply-pudendal nerve
Alcohol cause cell membrane damage = P450 2E1 generated reactive oxygen species
Gradingo synderome-5th nerve
Palatine tonsil derived from which arch ?
Jones tendon transfer- is used to correct hyperextension at first metatarsasophalyngeal joint (ie seen in claw foot = so claw foot may be the ans )
Thickest part of optic disc-inferior
Paranasal sinus best examined by ctscan
Aminoglycocide affect which part of cochlea? As aminoglycoside causes high frequency hearing loss and apical turn of cochlea is responsible for perceivinghigh frequency sound so apical turn would be Ans.
Patho visera priserved-foramlin
Fluoride inhibit -enolase
Stain for basal/sque cel ca?
whic vit inhibit citric acid cycle- vitamin b5 ?
dna helicase-unwindning
wernicks encephalopathy not cause-confabulism ( it is seen in korsakoffs)
Time of anti d given-28 wk?
MC cromosomal anomaly leat abortion-trisomy 16
Pregnant woman cant hanged-crpc 416 ?
kappa axis-axis b/w pupilary and visual axis
Nasal haematoma not cause-perforation
No of somites= at the end of fifth week total no of somites formed in human is 42-44 pairs.
Hmg coa reductase-cholestero synthesis
Ivermectin dose 200 microgm/kg in strongyloides.
Also know Albendazole dose for ascariasis/trichuris/hookworm/pinworm = 400 mg orally single dose (in adults and chld>2 yrs) Note for pinworm repeat dose at 14 day needed
Verapamil side efct-constipation
Cochlear nerve-trapezoid body- Auditory pathway
The French size is a measure of the external diameter of a catheter ( foleys catheter). An increasing French size corresponds to a larger external diameter. Also know 1F = 0.33 mm.
Order of MAC of inhaeled anesthetics.
Check ? Marked q not sure about ans
Mc cause of transverse lie... multiparity?
Antemortem drowning best indicator?
Fertilisation of second ovum in a women who is already pregnant..superfoetation.
Motolov cocktail = incendiary bomb = gasoline is used in a bottle.
Mc ocular structure involved in toxoplasmosis= fovea
Orbital periostitis is seen in - syphills
Marcy repair = hernia= high ligation of sac + tightening of internal ring = repair of indirect hernia in children.
Various qs on glagow coma scale.
Thin split thickness skin graft thickness = 0.01- 0.015 inch ( also know thick split thickness skin graft = >0.015 inch)
Most chance of rejection in skin graft = full thickness> thick split thicknss> thin split
Murphy sign = acute cholecystitis
Components of metabolic syndrome.
Alcohol major metabolite ??
Howell jolly bodies = splenectomy
High reticulocyte count causes?
If the eyes remain open after death, the areas of the sclera exposed to the air dry out, which results in a first yellowish, then brownish-blackish band like discoloration zone called TACHE NOIRE. It is seen mostly after 7 to 8 hours after death.
Membrane protein that helps in receptor mediated endocytosis = clathrin
Myoglobin = 1 heme per molecule
Most radiosensitive bone tumor = ewing
Qs on color coding of cannula. See photo previously sent
Mc naughtens rule ?
Tertiary villi develop at = 21 st day
Functional unit of placenta = ?
Morbus caeruleus = The phenomenon of cyanosis of the skin and mucous membranes, usually spoken of as Cyanopathia or Morbus Caeruleus.
Standard total parenteral nutrition soln does not contain = fat ( ie why 20% fat emulsion given along with TPN to minimise deficiency of fatty acids.
GBS most common antecedent infection = campylo ?
Descending paralysis ?
Unilateral spontaneous serous or serosanguinous nipple discharge from single duct = duct papilloma.
Hypersegmented neutrophils photo
Laryngoscope photo
Kaposi = hhv 8
Rheobase = ?
Syringoma = tumor of eccrine gland.
Pediatric maintainance fluid is = isolyte P [ note maintainenece fluid for first 24 -48 h in <1000gm newborn = 5% dextrose and in > 1000 gm is 10% dextrose . Isolyte p = after 48 hrs as maintainenece fluid]
Also know ringer lactate composition.
Actinic keratosis ?
Groove sign = lymphogranuloma vanerum
Syphills = painless lymphadenopathy
Acidified serum lysis test = HAM test = PNH
Blood show spherocyte ,test indicated = direct antiglobin test DAT ( autoimmune hemolytic anemia)

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