Wednesday, 27 November 2013

One liners

1. Best research evidence is given by : Meta-analysis
2. Warfarin action potentiated (PT prolonged) by all except: Omeprazole/clofibrate/aspirin/barbiturates, Ans is Barbiturates
3. Half life of insulin is: <5 min
4. Toxin acting by G protein: Cholera
5. Which is a G protein coupled receptor: AMPA/Kainate/Metabotropic/NMDA: Ans Metabotropic
6. Inotropic action of catecholamines is mediated by : Beta 1 receptors
7. Intermediate paralysis by organophosphates treatment: symptomatic
8. Local anaesthetic act on: Na channels from inside the cells
9. Anakinra MOA: IL-1 receptor antagonist
10. Strongest vasoconstrictor is: Ang II/Bradykinin/Endothelin: Ans Ang II
11. Antihypertensive of choice in systemic sclerosis: ACE inhibitors
12. Non enzymatic spontaneous degradation is seen with: Atracurium
13. Anaesthetic causing max green house effect and global warming: Halothane/enflurane/desflurane/isoflurane: Ans Desflurane
14. Tocolytic beta agonist: Ritodrine
15. Not useful for acute attack of asthma: salbutamol/salmeterol/terbutaline/orciprenaline: Ans salmeterol
16. Which is not useful in hypercalcemia: Erythromycin/gallium/bisphosphonates: Erythromycin
17. Treatment of uveitis with raised IOT: Pilocarpine/timolol/steroids/atropine: Ans steroids
18. Treatment of choice for type 1 tyrosinemia: Nitisinone
19. True about methysergide are All except: ergot alkaloid/used in migraine/5HT2 antagonist/5HT3 antagonist: Ans 5HT3 antagonist
20. Drug used in acute attack of migraine: Sumatriptan
21. Which is osmotic diuretic: Glycerol
22. Beta blockers used in CHF are all except: Metoprolol/carvedilol/bisoprolol/atenolol: Ans: Atenolol
23. Antiepileptic not acting through GABA: CBZ/valproate/phenobarbitone/diazepam: Ans: CBZ
24. Antipsychotic useful in unipolar depression: Aripiprazole/quetiapine/risperidone/sertindole
25. Major disadvantage of ketamine is: apnoea/hypotension/hallucination and CNS problems/unconsciousness: Hallucination and CNS problems
26. NSAID cause peptic ulcer by: Decreasing PG and thus decreasing mucus and HCO3
27. Not a first line drug in ALL: Vinblastine/vincristine/methotrexate/6-mercaptopurine: Ans vinblastine
28. Non heme iron is absorbed less with food because: Food contains phytates and oxalates
29. Congential malformations caused if used in first trimester: cloxacillin/steroids/heparin: Ans steroids
30. Which is incretin mimetic: Exenatide
31. PPI not given i.v.: Omeprazole/esomeprazole/lanso/panto: Ans omeprazole
32. Pt taking clindamycin develops pseudomemb colitis likely organism: Cl. Difficile\
33. Primaquine induced hemolytic anemia occurs in patients with deficiency of : Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
34. DOC for hepatitis B: Entecavir
35. Mercury produce toxicity by: binding to sulfhydryl group
36. Potentiate the action of insulin: Chromium

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