Thursday, 14 November 2013

One liners

1.Shortest acting SMR :sch
2.shortest acting ND SMR :Mivacurium
3.smr undergo hoffman elimination :Atracurium>cisatracurium
4.max.histamine release--d-TC
5.minimum histamine release --vecuronium
6.smr used in asthma-: Cisatracurium
7.smr used to BP--d-TC
8.smr used to maintain BP--pancuronium
9.smr c/i in renal failure n pregnancy--gallamine
10.which smr is cardiostable  --vecuronium

1. Ecg lead to be monitored for ischemia
 V5
2 for arrhythmia
 2
3. Capnography is to measure for
4. Best site for temp measurement is
Lower oesophagus
5. Aspirin to be stopped before surgery  not to be stopped
6. Clopidogrel to be stopped b4  - 7daz
7. Normal breath holding spells is 25 sec
8. Frontal b waves indicate   - light anesthesia
9. Best monitor to see depth of anesthesia ?
  4. Evoked response
10. Entonox is O2 + n2o

4) critical ph in mendelsons syndrome?2.5
5) best site for TPN is?subclavian vein
6) most frequent tooth to be impacted? lower third molar
7) floating teeth seen in? histiocytosis x
8) normal capacity of renal pelvis?7ml
9) irrigation solution used in TURP?1.5% glycine
10) most common complications of TURP?retrograde ejaculation

1. Oroya fever ? Bordotella
2. Brill zinsser ds ? R prowazecki
3. Weils ds ? L icterohemorhagica
4. Haverhill fever ? Streptobacillus monilifrmis
5. Rat bite fever ? "
6. Wasserman reaction ? Treponema
7. False positive wasserman rectn ? Mycoplasma
8. Fried egg colonies ? Mycoplasma
9. Frog egg colonies ? Coryne. Diphtheriae intermedius
10. Daisy head colonies ? C b gravis

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