Thursday, 21 November 2013

NBE Punch

1.USG frequency for transvaginal usg? 5-7.5Mhz view to visualize sphenoid sinus? Lateral view
3.Stryker's view for? Recurrent subluxation of shoulder
4.Position for renal scan? Prone
5.Contrast agent for hsg? Conray 280/240
6.IOC for insulinoma? Endoscopic usg
7.Bracket calcification is seen in? Corpus callosum lipoma
8.Goose neck sign is seen in? Endocardial cushion defects
9.Bull's eye lesion on barium meal? Leiomyosarcoma
10.Fish hook bladder is seen in? BPH

Ductus independent flow are just 3
Mneumonic anti tb treatment
1.Anomalous origin left coronary art from pulm art ALCAPA
2.Trunkus arteriosus
3.Total anomalous pul vein return Tapvr

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