Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lung Cancers

• MC Variety of lung Ca in India -- squamous
• M.C Variety in world-- adeno
• M C Variety in young Patients- a demo
• Histological Variety that cavitates- squamous
• MC histological variety to metastasize- small cell
• Ca which metastasize to opposite lung- adeno
• Clubbing least common in which Ca - small cell
• Gynecomastia is seen in which type of Ca- large cell
•Thrombophlebitis is seen with which Ca - adeno
• Mc site for metastasis from ca lung - brain
• Lung Ca with worst prognosis- small
• Variety most responsive to chemotherapy- small cell
• Variety most responsive to radiotherapy- small cell
• MC endocrine Gland to be involved by metastasis- adrenal
• Variety with best prognosis- squamous
• Variety that is central in location- squamous and small
• Variety that is peripheral in location- a demo
• Mc variety with Cushing 's syndrome- small
• Most common variety with Hypercalcemia d/t PTH like substance Secretion- squamous

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