Sunday, 24 November 2013

Last minute revisions

Microbiological Tests---
* Ascoli Thermoprecipitation Test-- For
* VDRL/Kahn Test -- Syphilis
*Elek's Gel precipitation test-- Diptheria
* Eiken Precipitation Test-- E.coli toxin
* Widal test -- Typhoid
* Weil - Felix test-- Typhus
* Paul bunnel test- Inf.mononucleosis
* Coombs Test - Rh incompatibility
..* Sereny Test - Enteroinvasive E.coli
* Schick Test-- susceptibility to
* Dick Test - Scarlet fever diagnosis
* ASO test- Rheumatic fever
* Rose bengal card test - Identification of
Brucella contamination of milk..
* Fairley test-- Schistosomiasis
* Frei Test - Lymohogranuloma verenum
* Casoni Test-- Hydatid cyst
* Montegro/Leishman test- Leishmaniasis

SLE ---> Anti nuclear antibody .
Drug induced SLE---> Anti Histone
Systemic sclerosis---> Anti DNA Topoisomerase {Scl 70}

Scleroderma {CREST }---> Anti Centromere
Sjogren syndrome---> SSA (Ro) SSB (La)
Primary biliary cirrhosis---> Anti Mitochondrial
Mixed connective tissue disorders---> anti Rnp.
Churg Strauss---> Anti Myeloperoxidase ANCA
Multifocal motor neuropathy---> Anti GM1
Wegener’s granulomatosis--->C-ANCA
Ulcerative colitis ---> P-ANCA
Crohn’s disease---> Anti saccharomyces Cerevisiae ( ASCA)
Celiac sprue---> Antiendomysial & Antigliadin

Drug of Choice for Different Diseases :
For MRSA Infection-Vancomycin
For Malaria in Pregnancy-Chloroquine
❄For Whooping Cough or Perteusis- Erythromycin
For Kawasaki disease-IV Ig
For Warferin Overdose-Vit-K
For Heparin Overdose-Protamine
For hairy Cell Leukemia-Cladirabine
For Multiple Myeloma- Melphalan
For CML-Imatinib
For Wegner's granulomatosis-Cyclophosphamide
For HOCM- Propranolol
For Delirium Tremens-Diazepam
For Drug Induced Parkinsonism-Benzhexol
For Diacumarol Poisoning-Vit-K
For Type-1 Lepra Reaction-Steroids
For Type- 2 Lepra Reaction-Thalidomide
For Allergic Contect Dermatitis-Steroids
For PSVT-
For Z-E Syndrome- Proton Pump Inhibitor
For Chancroid-Cotrimoxazole
For Dermatitis Herpetiformis-Dapsone
For Spastic Type of Cerebral Palsy-Diazepam
For Herpis Simplex Keratitis-Trifluridine
For Herpes Simplex Orolabialis-Pancyclovir
For Neonatal Herpes Simplex-Acyclovir
For Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia- Cotrimoxazole
For Nodulo Cystic Acne-Retinoic acid
For Trigeminal Neuralgia-Carbamezapine
For Actinomycosis-Penicillin
For Plague- Streptomycin
For Opioid Withdrawal- 1stMethadone
For Alcohol Withdrawal- 1stChlordiazepoxide
For Post Herpetic Neuralgia- Fluphenazine
For WEST Syndrome-ACTH
For Diabetic Diarrhoea- Clonidine
For Lithium Induced Neuropathy-Amiloride

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