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Imp. Points

MNEMONICS and imp points for NBE
Strawberry nose : Rhinophyma( form
of rosasea)
Strawberry tongue: Kawasaki
disease,Scarlet fever
Strawberry vagina: Trichomonas
Strawberry gingiva: Wegeners
Strawberry mucosa: hypertrophic
Strawberry Hemangiomas: superficial
Wooden chest: Alfentanyl
Wooden legs: Scurvey
Woody nose : Rhynophymoma (k/a
potato tumor)
Hebra nose: Rhinoscleroma
Hebra triangle: Scabies

S-100, HMB 45 : Melanoma
S-100 : Cartilagenous tumor marker

MCC of death in PNH : Thrombosis
MCC of death in polycythemia vera :
Pulmonary thromboembolism
MCC of death in klienfelters:
MCC of death in Downs : Cardiac
MCC of death in Amyloidosis: Renal
MCC of death in cirrhosis: HRS

hypercacemia causing tumors-ROSA
O Ovarian Ca
S Squamous cell lung Ca
A Adult T cell leukemias/lymphomas

Acanthosis Nigricans characteristically
seen in GLU
G Gastric Ca
Lung Ca
Uterine Ca

Acrodermatitis enteroathica -DAD
D Dermatitis
A Alopecia
D diarrhea

Sister mary joseph nodules r seen in
S Stomach cancer
C-Colln Ca (large)
O-Ovarian Ca
P-Pancreatic Ca

Drugs metabolized by P-Glycolization
C Cyclosporine
O Oseltamavir
L Loperamide
D Digoxin

KAN(ear) are ototoxic
K Kanamycin
A Amikacin
N Neomycin

Clavipectoral fascia piercing
structures ACL
A Acromio thoracic artery
C Cephalic vein
L Lateral pectoral nerve

C causes neutropenia

BAP in Nazer Index( parameters
checked in Nazer index for Wilsons
B Bilirubin
A AST(not albumin*)

Cyanotic heart diseases: 5 types Hi Yield ¬ Use your five fingers:
1 finger up: Truncus Arteriosus (1vessel)
2 fingers up: Dextroposition of the Great Arteries (2 vessels transposed)
3 fingers up: Tricuspid Atresia (3=Tri)
4 fingers up: Tetralogy of Fallot (4=Tetra)
5 fingers up: Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (5=5 words)

Urease positive organisms PUNCH:
Proteus (leads to alkaline urine)
Ureaplasma (renal calculi)
Cryptoccocus (the fungus)
Helicobacter pylori

S1,2 = ankle jerk
L3,4 = knee jerk
C5,6 = biceps and brachioradialis
C7,8 = triceps:

Ureter to ovarian/testicular artery
relation [ID 56]
"Water under the bridge":
The ureters (which carry water), are
posterior to the ovarian/testicular
¬ Clinically important, since a
common surgical error is to cut ureter
instead of ovarian artery when
removing uterus.

Spleen: dimensions, weight, surface anatomy
Spleen dimensions are 1 inch x 3inches x 5 inches.
Weight is 7 ounces.
It underlies ribs 9 through 11.

Thoracic duct: relation to azygous vein and esophagus
"The duck between 2 gooses":
Thoracic duct (duck) is between 2 gooses, azygous and esophagus.

Bicipital groove: attachments of muscles near it "The lady between two majors":
Teres major attaches to medial lip of groove.
Pectoralis major to lateral lip of groove.
Latissimus (Lady) is on floor of groove, between the 2 majors.

Interossei muscles: actions of dorsal vs. palmar in hand
"PAd and DAb":
The Palmar Adduct and the Dorsal Abduct.
¬ Use your hand to dab with a pad.
Inversion vs. eversion muscles in leg
Second letter rule for inversion/eversion:
Carotid sheath contents
"I See 10 CC's in the IV":
I See (I.C.) = Internal Carotid artery
10 = CN 10 (Vagus nerve)
CC = Common Carotid arter

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