Monday, 25 November 2013


* Hyaline cartilage and Elastic cartilage constitute of Type II Collagen whereas Fibrocartilage of Type I Collagen.
* In larynsk : Thyroid,cricoid and aretenoid = Hyaline cartilage whereas Epiglottis and cuneiform = Elastic cartilage.
Q1] Which of the following is not a hyaline cartilage :-
[A] Articular cartilage
[B] Nasal septum
[C] Thyroid cartilage
[D] Articular disc
Ans = Articular disc
* Note that Articular cartilage = Elastic ,Whereas Articular disc = Fibrocartilage.
* Remember Ear = Elastic means any cartilage related to ear is elatic so
[1] Auricular cartilage
[2] Auditory tube/Eustachian tube
[3] External auditory canal (cart part)
All threee are elasic { E = Ear = Elastic}
Side by side remember that Nasal septum = Hyaline [ not elastic]
* Also remember that most of the cartilages related to joint eg
[1] articular disc
[2] intervertebral disc
[3] menisci
[4] labrum= glenoidal, acetabular
[5] symphysis = pubic
All r fibrocartilage except except except

Some important points about cartilage:
[1] cartilage of first pharyngeal arch = ??
[2] cartilage of 2nd pharyngeal arch = ??
[3] laryngeal cartilage arising from 4th arch =??
[4] laryngeal cartilge arising from 6th arch =??
[1] Meckels cartilage
[2] Reicherts cartilage
[3] Thyroid and epiglottic cart
[4] Crycoid,aretenoid, corniculate cart

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