Wednesday, 6 November 2013

FDA Approved Drugs

2013 fda approved drugs
Paclitaxel - late stage pancreatic cancer
Capecitabin - colorectal,ca with metastasis
Petuzumab - neoadjuvat therapy for breast cancer
Vortixetine- major depression
Anakinra - ra
Budesonide- ulcerative colitis
Imatinib - ALL
Mipomerson - orphan drug - cholesterol disorders
Onabotulinum toxin - overactive bladder
Glycerol phenyl butyrate -chronic t/t of  urea cycle disorders
Regorafenib - GIST
Pomalidomide - adv multiple myeloma
Dimethyl fumerate ( tecfidera) - mutiple sclerosis
Tc 99m tilmonocept- diagnosis of cancer pts
Canagliflozin - typ 2 diabetes
Aligoliptin - typ 2 dm
MRI agent - gadoterate meglumine
Nimodipine -brain heamorrhage pts
Dabrafenib - adv skin cancer
Golimumab -Ulcerative colitis
Fluticasone furoate and vilenterol - obst pulmon disease
Trematinib ( mekinist) - adv skin cancer
Radium RA. Dichloride-adv prostate cancer
Telavancin - hosp acquired and ventilator ass bact pneumonia
Paroxetin - moderate to severe hot flushes
Vismodegib - Hh signelling pathway inhibitor- BCC

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