Friday, 22 November 2013

Exam points

1. Muller maneuver-for
determining the cause of sleep apnea.
► After a forced expiration, an attempt at inspiration is made with closed mouth and nose > (negative intrapleural pressure)
2. valsalva maneuver- to assess autonomic nervous control of the heart
►forceful attempted exhalation against a
closed airway, (usually done by closing mouth, nose)
3. Durant maneuver-use in air embolism
► the left lateral decubitus position
4. Sellick's maneuver- during endotracheal intubation, used to prevent regurgitation
► application of pressure to the cricoid cartilage
5. Heimlich maneuver-for treatment of Choking
►standing behind a patient and using their hands to exert pressure on the bottom of the diaphragm

Declaration of Geneva:: hippocratic oath
Declaration of Tokyo:: torture
Declaration of Oslo:: therpautic abortion
Declaration of Sydney:: organ transplantation
Declaration of Helsinki:: human experimentary ethic
Declarationn of Delhi:: health of climate changes

LOFGREN' S SYNDROME....seen in sarcoidosis
Erythema nodosum
Hilar lymphadenopathy

ENT Classifications
Sade classification: Retraction of pars Tensa
Toss classification : Retraction of pars Flaccida
Antoni classification:Acoustic neuroma
Derlacki classification: Congenital
Nelson classification: CSOM
Shea classification :Meniere's disease
Isshika classification:Thyroplasty
Wullstein classification :Tympanoplasty
Fisch classification::Glomus tumours
Glasscock-Jackon classification:: Glomus jugulare tumors
Broder's Classification : Oral Cancer, scc
Ohngren classification:: Maxillary sinus carcinoma
Lederman classification:Maxillary sinus carcinoma
Myer & cotton's grading :: subglottic stenosis

Iodine requirement :
infant - 50 mcg/day
Adults - 150 mcg/day
pregnancy - 250 mcg/day
lactation - 200 mcg per day
Level of iodisation in salt :
production level- 30 ppm
consumer level - 15 ppm
Double fortified salt contains 40 mcg iodine and 1 mg iron
urinary iodine level - ''principle impact indicator''..!!

Hampton's line:: benign gestric ulcer
Lines of zahn:: arterial thombi
Tuffier's line:: inter posterior iliac crests  line at  L4
Roser-NĂ©laton line:: ASIS to ischial tuberosity .
Frankfurt line:: Reid's base line
Reid's base line:: Infraorbital margin to upper margin of external acoustic meatus
Ohngren's line:: b/w medial canthus & angle of the mandible
Sebileau's line::1. Floor of orbit, 2. Floor of maxillary sinus
Rex-Cantlie line:: gallbladder bed to inferior vena cava and passes through the right axis of the caudate lobe.
Burtonian line:: lead poisoning
Mee's line:: Arsenic poisoning
Corrigan line:: copper poisoning
Clapton's line:: Greenish line seen on the margins of gum in copper sulphate poisoning
Wickham's striae:: lichen planus
Dennie's line :: atopic dermatitis
Muehrcke's line:: hypoalbuminemia
Vogt's striae:: keratoconus
Haab's striae:: congenital glaucoma
Sampolesii line:: pigmentory glaucoma
Paton's line:: papilloedema
Line of toldt:: peritoneal reflection
Brodel's line:: kidney(avascular line)

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