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Glossary of eponyms
Although eponyms should be avoided, they are in frequent use and a guide to their meaning is useful. This glossary provides a list of anatomical eponyms, many of which are in common usage. The chief source has been J. Dobson, Anatomical Eponyms, 2nd ed., Livingstone, Edinburgh, 1962. Biographical notes concerning the workers commemorated in this glossary are given by Dobson, as are citations of the publications in which the structures are described. Note that not all attributions of the same name are to a single person (e.g., Meckel, Petit).
Adam's apple - laryngeal prominence.
Adamkiewicz, artery of - a large anterior radicular artery from an intercostal or lumbar branch of the aorta; it supplies the lumbar enlargement of the spinal cord.
Addison's place - transpyloric plane.
Alberran's gland - the portion of the median lobe of the prostate immediately underlying the uvula of the urinary bladder.
Albini's nodules - tiny nodules on the margins of the mitral and tricuspid valves.
Alcock's canal - pudendal canal.
Allen, fossa of - a fossa on the neck of the femur.
Ammonis (Ammon), cornu - hippocampus.
Arantius, bodies of (corpora arantii) - nodules of the aortic and pulmonary valve.
Arantius, venous canal of (canalis arantii) - ductus venosus.
Arnold's nerve - auricular branch of the vagus.
Auerbach's ganglia - ganglia in the myenteric plexus.
Auerbach's plexus - myenteric plexus.
Ball's valves - anal valves.
Bartholin's ducts - sublingual ducts that open into the submandibular duct.
Bartholin's glands - greater vestibular glands.
Bauhin's glands - anterior lingual glands.
Bauhin's valve - ileocecal valve.
Bell's muscle - the muscular strands from the ureteric orifices to the uvula, bounding the trigone of the urinary bladder.
Bell's nerve - long thoracic nerve.
Bellini's ducts - orifices of collecting tubules of the kidney.
Bellini's tubules - collecting tubules of the kidney.
Bertin's columns - renal columns.
Bertin's ligament - iliofemoral ligament.
Bichat's ligament - lower part of the dorsal sacroiliac ligament, sometimes known as the transverse iliac ligament.
Bigelow's ligament - iliofemoral ligament.
Billroth's cords - arrangement of red pulp in the spleen.
Blandin, glands of - anterior lingual glands.
Botallo's duct - ductus arteriosus.
Botallo's foramen - foramen ovale of the heart.
Botallo's ligament - ligamentum arteriosum.
Bourgery's ligament - oblique popliteal ligament.
Bowman's capsule - glomerular capsule.
Bowman's glands - serous glands in the olfactory mucous membrane.
Bowman's membrane - anterior limiting lamina of the cornea.
Breschet's bones - suprasternal ossicles.
Broca's convolution - inferior frontal gyrus of the left cerebral hemisphere.

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