Monday, 25 November 2013

Broadmans areas

Broadmann's areas
A. Somatosensory cortex I - ----3, 1, 2 (post central gyrus of parietal lobe)----sensations (touch, pressure, vibration, pain, temp)
B. Somatosensory cortex II - ---- superior wall of lateral sulcus---- – memory attached to sensations
C. Somatosensory association area---- 5 & 7 --- nature of the object sensed
D. primary motor cortex  ---- 4 (pre central gyrus) ---- control simple voluntary movements
E. Premotor cortex – ---6 - ----Programme sequence of movements, movement of motor joints and motor learning
G. Primary visual cortex------ 17----visual sensation
H. secondary visual cortex ---- 18----visual sensation
I. Visual association area- 19 --- nature of visual sensation
J. Primary auditory cortex----41------auditory sensation
K. Auditory association area-  22 & 42 --- nature of perceived sound
L. cingulate gyrus --- 24
M. angular gyrus-------39
N. Wenekies area------22 ( post end of superior temporal gyrus)--- word comprehension---#l/t sensory fluent aphasia
O. Taste area --------- 43 (Area I- post central gyrus….Area II- insular cortex)
P. Brocas area-44 (inferior frontal gyrus)----word expression (#l/t motor or nonfluent aphasia)
Q .arcuate fasciculus- connect brocas to wernikes- ---#l/t fluent faulty speech

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