Saturday, 23 November 2013

12th 5 year plan

the 12th Five Year Plan period, efforts will be
made to consolidate the gains and build on the
successes of the Mission to provide accessible,
affordable and quality universal health care, both
preventive and curative, which would include all
aspects of a clearly defined set of healthcare entitlements including preventive, primary and
secondary health services. At the national level, the targets would be as
Reduction of MMR to < 100 per 100000 live births
Reducing IMR to < 27 per 1000 live births
Reduction in NMR to < 18 per 1000 live births
Reducing TFR to 2.1 Elimination of Filaria – in all 250 districts; Kala-azar
in all 514 Blocks and Leprosy in all districts
Reduction in TB prevalence and mortality by 50%
Reduction in Annual Malaria incidence to <1/1000
Reduction in JE mortality by 50% Sustaining case fatality rate of less than 1% for

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