Thursday, 31 October 2013

Radiologist love animals

beheaded dog app: spondylythiasis
panda app on mri: wilsons
spider leg app: polycystic kidney
fish mouth vertebra: sickle
tiger eye app: hallaverdon spatz
bat wing app: cardiogenic pulm edema
bird beak app: achalasia cardia 🐥
humming bird : progressive supranuclear palsy
panda sign: sarcoidosis
swan neck deformity: rheumatoid art....
Crocodile tears: facial nerve
Sparrow feet mark: windsheild glass injury
Bag of worms.: varicocoele
Rat tail app: ca oesophagus
Salt pepper. Skull-hperparthyroidism
Hot cross -Cong syphlis
Geographic skull -LCH
HAIR ON end app
     Sickle cell an
Caffey's sign
Aka Crescent or Salter's
seen in Subchondral fracture in Perthes disease (linear radiolucency within the femoral head epiphysis)

Caffey's disease
infantile cortical hyperostosis
a disease of young infants characterized by soft tissue swellings over the affected bones, fever, and irritability, and marked by periods of remission and exacerbation; called also Caffey disease.
dwarfism, cortical thickening of tubular bones & transient hypocalcemia
Structure pasing throgh sup orbital fissure
CN 6✅(abducent)
CN 1
CN 2
0phthal N

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