Thursday, 31 October 2013

NBE Notes 2

The 4 chemotactic factors for - The 4 chemotactic factors for
neutrophils - N-formyl-methionine,
LTB4, C5a, and IL-8
Turner syndrome karyotype - 45XO
Urinary metabolite increased in pts
with carcinoid syndrome - 5-
hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-HIAA)
What 2 Abs are used to dx
Hashimoto’s? - Antithyroglobulin and
antimicrosomal Abs
What AR disorder is due to a
deficiency in glycoprotein IIb-IIIa
resulting in a defect in plt
aggregation - Glanzmann syndrome
What chemical can be dangerous if
you work in the aerospace industry
or in nuclear plants – Beryllium
What CNS tumor arises from Rathke’s
pouch – Craniopharyngioma
What factor gets activated in the
extrinsic pathway of the coagulation
cascade - Factor VII (XII for intrinsic)
What is the term for fibrinoid
necrosis of the arterioles in the
kidney secondary to malignant HGN -
Onion skinning
What pathology is associated with
podagra, tophi in the ear, and PMNs
with monosodium urate crystals –
What percentage of the bone marrow
must be composed of blast for
leukemia to be considered - At least
30% blast in the bone marrow
Most common Primary malignant
tumor of lung - Adenocarcinoma
Most common Tumor on sun exposed
sites - Basal cell carcinoma
Most common Type of hernias in
males under 500 – Indirect
Oxidation of Hb forms what in
patients with G6-PD defic - Heinz
Product(s) of arachidonic acid – Pain
and fever - PGE2
RBC with a peripheral rim of Hb and
a dark central Hb containing area -
Target cell
Reinke crystals - Leydig cell tumor
Skin condition that is a localized
proliferation of melanocytes
presenting as small, oval, light
brown macules - Benign lentigo
Term for pelvic inflammatory disease
of the fallopian tubes – Salpingitis
Term for pigmented iris hamartomas
seen in pts with neurofibromatosis
type I - Lisch nodules
Hep virus that is a naked capsid
RNA picornavirus - Hep A
How many Jones criteria is required
to make dx of rheumatic fever - 2
major or one major and two minor
Hypochromatic microcytic anemia
with increased iron, decreased TIBC,
increased % sat, and increased
ferritin - Sideroblastic anemia
Influx of what ion is associated with
irreversible cell injury – Calcium
Keloid collagen - Type III
Most common Aquired GI emergency
in infancy - Necrotizing entercolitis
Most common cause of death in
Diabetic – MI
Most common cause of painless
hematuria - Renal cell carcinoma
Most common cause of Sinusitis and
otitis media in kids – Pneumococcus
Most common Chronic metal
poisoning – Lead
Most common CNS tumor in kids -
Medulla blastoma
Most common nonorganic
pneumoconiosis - Asbestosis
Arises from adrenal medulla,
displaces and crosses the midline,
metastasizes early, most common
solid tumor, seen 2-4 yrs –
Burkitt lymphoma chromosomal
translocation - Chromosome 8, 14
Cancer associated with PSA and
prostatic acid phosphatase - Prostate
Cerebral vessel associated with EDH
- Middle meningeal artery
Cerebral vessel associated with SAH -
Berry aneurysm in the circle of Willis
Codman triangle on X-ray –
Condition with dimpling of kidney
surface - Pyelonephritis
Fibroblasts regeneration – labile,
stable, or permanent? - Stable
Hematoxylin or eosin? Cytoplasm -
Hematoxylin or eosin? Nucleoli -
pm (4 months ago) #39
RBC casts in the urine - Acute GN
RBCs in the urine - Bladder
RBCs with smooth undulations on
the surface of their membrane,
commonly seen in uremia - Burr cells
Reed-Sternberg cells - Hodgkin
Senile plaques – Alzheimers
Term for a large VSD that leads to
pulmonary HTN, RVH, and cyanosis
due to right-to-left reversal of the
shunt - Eisenmenger syndrome (can
also occur with any any left-to-right
Term for dilated veins within the
spermatic cord? – Varicocele
Term for TB with cervical lymph node
involvement – Scrofula
Tumor marker associated with
seminomas - Placental alk
Virchow triad - Assoc with thrombus
formation: endothelial injury,
changes in laminar flow, and
Most common congenital cardiac
anomaly – VSD
Most common

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