Monday, 28 October 2013

Clinical signs of aortic regurgitation:

Traube’s sign/pistol shot sounds :

Booming systolic and diastolic sounds heard over the femoral artery when it is compressed distally

De Musset’s sign: Head nodding with each heart beat

Quincke’s sign :Pulsations in the nail capillary bed seen when light is transmitted through the fingertips or exerting gentle pressure on the tip of a fingernail .

Lighthouse sign:Blanching and flushing of forehead

Landolfi’s sign :Alternating constriction and dilatation of pupil

Becker’s sign :Visible pulsations of the retinal arterioles

Mueller’s sign :Visible pulsations of uvula

Mayen’s sign :Diastolic drop of BP >15 mmHg with arm raised

Rosenbach’s sign :Pulsatile liver

Lincoln sign :Pulsatile popliteal artery

Gerhardt’s sign : Pulsatile spleen

Sherman sign: Prominently located and palpated dorsalis pedis pulse

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