Saturday, 7 September 2013


Alkaptonuria Triad: Ochronotic arthritis, Ochronotic pigmentation, Urine darkens on standing
Anderson Triad
Bronchiectasis, Cystic
fibrosis, Vitamin A deficiency

Beck's Triad Muffled heart sound, Distended neck veins, Hypotension
Cardiac tamponade

Charcot's cholangitis triad Pain, fever, jaundice Ascending cholangitis

Charcot's neurologic triad scanning speech, intention tremor, nystagmus
Multiple sclerosis

Congestive Heart Failure Triad
Tachycardia, Tachypnea, Tender hepatomegaly Congestive Heart Failure

Cushing's Triad of Increased Intracranial Pressure Bradycardia, Bradypnea, Hypertension head

Dieulafoy's triad hyperesthesia of the skin, exquisite tenderness and guarding over McBurney's point Acute appendicitis

Fanconi Syndrome Triad
Aminoaciduria, Proteinuria, Phosphaturia Fanconi Syndrome
Female athlete triad eating disorders, amenorrhoea, decreased bone mineral density

Gradenigos Triad Sixth cranial n.Palsy, Persistent ear discharge, Deep seated retro orbital pain Gradenigos Syndrome

Hemobilia - Triad (Triad of Sandblom)
Malena, Obstructive jaundice, Biliary colic

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Triad
Anaemia, Thrombocytopenia, Renal failure

Hutchinson’s Triad Hutchison's teeth,
Interstitial keratitis, Nerve deafness, Congenital syphilis

Kartagener’s Syndrome Triad 
Triad of bronchiectasis, Recurrent sinusitis, and, Situs inversus, Kartagener’s Syndrome

Meckler's triad :vomiting, pain and subcutaneous emphysema Boerhaave syndrome

O’ Donoghue Triad Twisting force in a weight bearing knee joint causes
injury to Medial collateral ligament, Anterior cruciate ligament, Medial meniscus

Saint's Triad: Gall stones, Diverticulosis, Hiatus hernia

Samter's Triad (also known as Acetylsalicylic acid triad or Widal's triad or Francis' triad or Aspirin triad)
Aspirin sensitivity, Nasal polyps, Asthma Aspirin-induced asthma
Tetany in Children - Triad Stridor, Carpopedal spasm, Convulsions Tetany

Triad of Albinism Black locks, Occulo- cutaneous Albinism, Deafness of sensorineural type Albinism

Triad of Alports Syndrome
Sensorineural deafness, Progressive renal failure, Ocular anomalies
Alports Syndrome

Triad of Behcet's Syndromez: Recurrent oral ulcers, Genital ulcers, Iridocyclitis
Behcet's Syndrome

Triad of Causes of  Biotin Deficiency :Glossitis, Alopecia, Dermatitis

Triad of  Hypernephroma Pain, hematuria, renal mass , Hypernephroma

Triad of Kwashiorkar Growth retardation, Mental changes, Edema

Triple Test (for diagnosis of downs syndrome) Estimation of hcg, Estriol,
and AFP

Trotter's Triad :Conductive deafness, Immobility of homolateral soft palate, Trigeminal neuralgia

Virchow's triad :Stasis, Hypercoagulability, Vessel injury Venous thrombosis

Whipple's Triad : Hypoglycaemia during attacks, S.glucose 10%, Hypergammaglobulinemia, Lytic bone lesions Insulinoma

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