Monday, 2 September 2013

1.heart failure cells.stained with-Prussian blue
2.cigar bodies- sporotrichosis
3.galantamine is used in- Alzheimer's disease
4. size of particle for aerosol therapy- 2-5 micron
5.marbling is d/t veins becoming visible d/t decomposition of blood
6.cyclical trend is d/t - herd immunity
7.dysphagia lusoria is caused by - Abberent Rt. Subclavian artery
8.volume of eyeball is 6.5 ml
9.DOC for African trypansomiasis - Nifurtimox
10. poor prognosis in Maddrey's index is above - 32
11. endoscope wash with dirty water is a/w M.chelonae
12. number of follicles in female newborn is - 1 million
13. retic count in newborn is - 2.5-6%
14.substance common in skin,hair and nails - keratin
15. half life of tritium - 12 years

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