Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mammography :

It is of 2 types
a)Screening mammography – used to detect breast changes in women who has no signs and symptoms of breast abnormality – Taken from two angles of each breast (Cranio caudal view, Mediolateral oblique(MLO) view)
b)Diagnostic mammography – used to investigate the suspicious breast cancer changes such as breast lump , Breast pain, unusual skin changes and nipple discharge.
Screening mammography for women age 40 – 49 yrs every 1 – 2yrs and annually after age 50 yrs !!!! Imp !!
30% reduction in Breast cancer mortality in women 50 -69 yrs was seen who were screened annually or Biannualy by mammography
Radiation risk with mammography is there but very small ( less than 0.2rads or 0.2cGy per exposure – this is very less but theoretically risk of breast cancer is there
Mammography is not useful in young women (< 35 yrs of age ) – because of the Breast density – USG may be more useful.
35 – 50% of early Breast cancers can be discovered only by mammography
Another 40% can be detected by palpation alone

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