Saturday, 13 July 2013


*CN which is the smallest -- olfactory n.*
*CN which enters cerebrum directly - olfactory nerve*
*CN with longest intracranial (subarachnoid) course -- trochlear n*
*CN which emerges posterior to brain stem- trochlear nerve* 
*CN with dorsal exit -- trochlear n.* 
*CN which is the largest and thickest -- trigeminal n.*
*CN which is largest -- trigeminal nerve**CN with longest extracranial course --vagus n.*
*CN having longest intraosseous course -- facial nerve*
*CN with longest ( intradural )course - abducent nerve* 
*CN passing through cavernous sinus -- abducent nerve*
*CN involved in raised intracranial tension -- abducent nerve *
*Abducent nerve has the longest intra-cranial INTRADURAL course!!*
*Thickest nerve is SCIATIC nerve*
*Thickest cutaneous nerve is GREATER OCCIPITAL nerve*
*Labourer’s nerve-median nerve*
*Dentist’s nerve-inferior alveolar nerve*
*Alderman’s nerve-auricular branch of vagus nerve*
*Nerve of laterjet-largest gastric branch of vagus nerve*

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