Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Food in medicine

Apple jelly nodules-Lupus vulgaris
Anchovy sauce pus - amoebic abscess
Bunch of Grapes-Ethmoidal polyp
Chinese fried rice-B.cereus
Champagne glass pelvis-Achondroplasia
Champagne leg deformity-Varicose vain
Cherry red lip- CO poisoning
Cauliflower ear-Hamartoma
Chocolate cyst - endometriosis
Dinner Fork deformity-Colle's Fracture
Egg on side appearance-TGA
Egg cell calcification-Silicosis,Sarcoidosis
Egg on string - transposition of great vessels with intact ventricular septum
Fried egg colony-Mycoplasma
Garlic smell-Arsenic poisoning.
Honey comb lung - pulmonary fibrosis
Honey coloured crusts-Impetigo Contagiosum
Inverted cups- Large intest Obstruction
Nutmeg liver - CHF
Onion skinning - ewings sarcoma
Port wine stain - hemangioma
Pea soup diarrhea-Typhoid
Potato nose-Rhinophyma
Popcorn cells-HL(5th type-Nodular lymphatic predominant)
Popcorn calcification-Pulmonary hamartoma
Red current jelly stools-Intussusception
Rice water diarrhea-Cholera
Red current jelly sputum - klebsiella
Salt n pepper Retinopathy-Congenital Rubella Syndrome
Strawberry polyp-Rhinosporidiosis
Strawberry tongue - kawasaki , scarlet fever , toxic shock syndrome
Tomato ketchup fundus-CRVO

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