Friday, 26 July 2013

Colony Appearance in Culture

1. Draughtsman(concentric rings)- Pneumococci
2. Medussa head/frosted glass/inverted fir tree in stab culture/string of pearls- B.anthracis
3. Swimming growth( fishy or semunal smell)- proteus
4. Swarm of gnats or fish in stream- V.cholera
5. Stalactite growth- Yersinia pestis
6. Thumb print appearance/Bisected pearls/
mercury drops/ Aluminium paint appearance- B.petrussis
7. Cigar bundle(globi) appearance- M.leprae
8. Fried egg- Mycoplasma
9. Bread crump- Actinomyces israelii
10. Oil paint- Staphylococci
11. School of red fish- H.ducreyi
12. Stately Motility- Clostrida

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