Monday, 6 May 2013

Classification of Surgical Wound:

Class 1-Clean wound
No infection, No inflammatin, Only skin microflora contamintaed, e.g-Hernia repair & breast biopsy.

Class 2-Clean wound
Hollow viscus opend but no inflammation
E.g. Cholecystectomy,

Class 3-Contaminatd wound
Extensive entry of bacteria into a nrmal sterile area
E.g Open cardiac srgry
Uncontrolled slipage of viscus contents such as from intestine, inflammation is apparent. E.g. PENETRATNG ABDOMINAL TRAUMA,

Class 4- Dirty wound
Traumatic wound in whch tretment z delayed.
Necrotic tissue, pus, present.!
Severe inflammation
E.g. Perforatd diverticulitis, Necrotisng soft tissue infctn

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